How to Apply TWP Semi-Solid Pro-Series

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Tips on Applying TWP Semi-Solid Pro-Series

TWP Semi-Solid Stain

TWP Semi-Solid Stain

TWP Semi-Solid Pro-Series has a coverage rate of 150-300 sq. ft. per gallon, per coat. Best to measure the wood’s square footage to determine how many gallons you’ll need for your project. On wood decks, be sure to include all the railings and steps.

Before applying TWP Semi-Solid Pro-Series Deck Stain be sure the wood surface has been prepped. Use a broom or leaf blower to remove any debris that may have fallen onto the wood since prep.

Applying Semi-Solid Pro-Series Wood Stain

The wood must be dry for a minimum of 48 hours prior to staining and the air temperature should be above 50 degrees. Check your local forecast to make certain there will be several dry days before and after the day you want to stain.

On the day of staining be sure you have all the equipment on site that you will need. Wear protective gloves and safety glasses at all times. Mix the TWP Semi-Solid Pro-Series Wood Stain thoroughly using a paint stick or drill mixer on your drill before and several times during use. Using plastic or tarps to cover any landscaping, siding, windows, or concrete that you don’t want any stain on.

Start with the harder to reach areas first. On wood siding, gazebos, or playsets start up high and work your way down. On a deck, start with the spindles and railings first and stain the deck floor last.

Use a brush, stain pad applicator, or airless sprayer to apply TWP Semi-Solid Pro-Series Deck Stain. The first coat of stain is a saturation coat. If it soaks in quickly within 30 minutes, and the wood seems thirsty, an additional coat may be necessary. If so, apply the second coat within 30 minutes of the first coat, essentially applying them “wet on wet.”  Be cautious of over-applying TWP Semi-Solid Pro-Series or performance may be jeopardized. If you notice excessive stain puddles or drips that aren’t being absorbed, use a stain rag or brush to remove them. Stopping in the middle of a piece of wood or board can result in unsightly lap marks. To eliminate the chance of lap marks finish staining each board from end to end once you start.

TWP Semi-Solid Pro-Series has outstanding UV properties and will dive deep into the wood. It is not prone to flaking or peeling like other stains.


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5 months ago

What is the best product to spray a newly built 12×20 board and batten shed

6 months ago

Are we able to apply semi solid stain to a fence with a roller or would sprayer/pad be preferred?

Bill Gamble
9 months ago

I have a 16 year old deck that I have used TWP 1501 cedar tone stain on 3 times since I purchased the home 8 years ago. I am considering cleaning, stripping, brightening and sanding the deck this time before application since the wood is showing signs of splitting and aging. Also most of the knots in the deck never took the stain well and they show as lighter areas. I am also thinking of using your semi-solid super cedar for this application. I have not used the semi-solid before and was wondering if using it after sanding will give me a longer lasting stain? Also will it be more difficult to strip it in the future when the next staining is required? Lastly, since I will be sanding the deck will the brightener be a required step since the sanding with 80 grit would probably remove the brightener.
I plan on purchasing one of your samples of the semi-solid stain to see if it achieves the color I am
looking for. My last application I used an airless Graco sprayer with the proper tip recommended by TWP. Would this still work if I choose a semi-solid stain?
Thank you for your help in making these decisions. I want to do this project right and get great, long lasting results.

Richard Scott
9 months ago

I have 115 pro series. Is this different?

Noel Rivera
10 months ago

will you be making semi-solid stain that will be VOC compliant for all 50 states shipping.

11 months ago

Applied TWP 1500 series last year on new cedar deck. Now would like to apply the Pro Series. Do we need to prep? If so, how/what? Thank you.

1 year ago

Does semi solid peel?

1 year ago

Applying TWP 1500 semi-transparent honey tone on new fence. In 2-3 years can I apply a TWP semi-solid over it after cleaning surface BUT without doing stripping/restoring (those products are a problem because of fence proximity to landscaping and pool) Thanks.

1 year ago
Reply to  TWP Help

Understood, but how will it look if I don’t strip/brighten first?

1 year ago

I have 2 gallons of semi-solid stain left over and would like to store for future use. The seal on the metal 5-gallon can came loose so the original metal container is not an air-tight option. Is a heavy industrial grade plastic container suitable? If not, can you please recommend a type of container and brand is you can offer that, too? Thank you!

1 year ago

I have a two story log home. The lower section is pine logs and the upper section is cedar board and batten. A little over a year ago, I stripped all the old big box store stain from my house and started over with Cedartone 101. It looks great but I notice the cedar on the south side facing the sun is starting to look a little weathered. To provide more UV protection, I’m thinking of staining all the upper cedar section with your semi-solid stain and continue with the Cedartone 101 on the logs on the lower section. I’ve ordered some semi-solid samples to compare colors.

How should I proceed with using the semi-solid stain on the cedar section? Will I need to strip off the Cedartone 101 and begin again or can I simply clean the cedar section and apply the semi-solid stain. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Logs & Cedar South.jpeg
Logs & Cedar North.jpeg
1 year ago

I have stripped all the old hated Behr non-penetrating stain from my deck. To make sure I had every bit of it off, I used a belt sander to sand the wood. Do I need to use any kind of cleaner or brightener before applying TWP Semi-solid stain? If I have to use RAD cleaner or brightener, how do I apply it if I do not have a pump sprayer? A TWP tech person I talked to on the phone this morning said after sanding, I would NOT need a cleaner or brightener. I could go right to staining. But online sources say otherwise. I don’t want extra work. Who is correct?

1 year ago

We are applying TWP 1500 semi-transparent over a prior coat of TWP 1500 semi-transparent. Do we have to use stripper to remove all of the prior TWP down to bare wood?

1 year ago

Just built new cedar log cabin ready to stain/seal suggestion?

1 year ago

1) When using a sprayer for semi solid pro for first coat will I quickly go back over the sprayed stain with the hard bristle brush sold on your site?
2) Can I use a roller if so what size nap?
3)How many days after prepping do I have to apply stain?
4) Wet on wet second coat must be put on within thirty minutes? How soon after first coat?
5) The Chapin sprayer I received from you has three nozzles. Should I use the fine (red) or the medium (blue) for the cleaner and brighter?
Do we spray a second coat or or no spray just brush (or roll) a second coat.
All of this is on our 3 year old untreated pine deck and pt sides of our dock, using the semi solid pro series in driftwood.

Matt Jarema
1 year ago

Is there a sample picture of what the semi-solid looks like on wood? Looking to treat my cedar deck but have always used 1500 series. We get heavy afternoon sun. I just want to still be able to see the cedar and not look like a painted deck. Thanks!

Hsiao-Ying Chin
1 year ago

Under the semi-solid stain details it says 1 coat however in the description of how to apply thr stain it says to use 2 coats. Which is it? Is it like the others with wet on wet and the 2nd application goes twice as far?

Sarah Green
2 years ago

We applied the TWP100 Pecan stain 5 years ago. We expanded the deck in December 2020 and left it to “settle” for 15 months. We now want to stain it using your semi-solid Cedar Mulch stain, so we’ve purchased your stripper/brightener combo to remove the TWP100. I have 2 questions:
1. The daytime temp will be 59° but will drop to 34° in the evening on the day we want to do the stripping/brightening. Is this a problem?
2. How long does the stain need to dry before it would be effected by rain? Would 36 hours be enough?
Thanks for your help!

Last edited 2 years ago by Sarah Green
2 years ago

We cleaned and prepped our 1 year old kiln dried deck per your instructions, and stained with semi-solid yesterday. Despite trying to be sure to even out all our brush strokes, looking back I can now see some places where we overlapped with the brush, especially around the edges of boards, so it has left some boards with darker areas on them. My husband is well aware that he’s supposed to keep a steady hand and stain the whole board at once, and he’s usually pretty good, but this still happened. He’s hoping it’s not quite dry and will not be noticeable in another day or two. My question is is there a way to fix it? It’s just in spots but it bugs me.

2 years ago

Have a deck stained about three years ago with twp 100 series in cape cod gray. Would like to restain but with the twp semi solid pro series as I would prefer one of the darker gray shades available in that series. Do I need to strip or will cleaning and brightening suffice for prep?

2 years ago

What do you recommend I use on Adirondack chairs made with Beettle-Killed pine: TWP 100, TWP 1500, or TWP Semi-solid? Can all of them be used on outdoor furniture? Which will last longer?
Thank you!

Evangelos Kostas
2 years ago

I really want to clarify if wet on wet means that the second coat goes directly after how long. I am going to stain a disassembled deck prepped(planed with an electric planer cleaned and brightener) so after I will stain once all the pieces I have to stain them with the second coat immediately?

bruce p
2 years ago

Does semi-solid stain need to be wiped down with a rag after application?

3 years ago

I’m doing first ever stain for my brand new redwood deck, installed 8 months ago. We’re following the guide posted in the site (one coat only). If we use pressure washer to prep, is there a recommended psi to use? How long do we leave the coat on for drying before we can move back in furnitures, plant pots etc, and walk around it?

3 years ago

Is there a printed version of the color chart for the solids product?

3 years ago

So the ProSeries is a version of 100,200, and 1500? I am looking to repaint my house in semi-solid oil based stain. Previous was Cabot but looking like lots of negative changes since 2004 to that product per VOC specs and sale to Valspar. Your products seem to get high marks so very interested. A bit confusing about whether allowed in MA. Also, are there color swatches as it says somewhere no wet samples available. Thanks Beth

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