Where To Buy TWP Stain

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Warning for 2023 Regarding TWP Branded products on “fake” TWP sites

Where to Buy TWP Stains

Where to Buy TWP Stains

Please beware of “fake” TWP eCommerce & Amazon sellers who are claiming to be Authorized TWP Dealers and/or offering “sales” or “liquidations”. They are not legitimate dealers, recognized by TWP manufacturing.

When buying TWP Branded Products directly online from TWPStain.com we know the consumer is fully protected and protects our reputation for treating customers fairly with Genuine TWP high-quality products and service. Only TWP Authorized Online Dealers can display the TWP Online Dealer Logo and offer full warranty and customer service.

Buy TWP Stains

TWP Deck Stains Near MeOnline TWP 100 and 1500 Series Dealers

There are only a couple of

Official TWPStain.com online distributors and dealers. These retailers will offer the lowest pricing with free shipping on all 5-Gallon Pails. In addition, these TWP online dealers offer TWP color samples to test prior to buying.

  • Convenient shipping
  • Lowest Pricing
  • Samples of stain and sample credits

TWP Stain Retailers

The TWP Official Online Dealers and Distributors:

Be wary of certain sites selling TWP, not all are stocking dealers and we have heard many complaints about customers not receiving their orders promptly or at all.

Select Paint Stores and Lumberyards

TWP is available in select markets and retail stores across the country.  Best to contact the manufacturers for possible locations. In many cases, it is not available locally. It may be easier and less expensive to purchase from one of the 2 sites above.

Big Box Stores

TWP is not sold in Home Depot, Lowes, Menards, etc. To do this, TWP would either have to change its formula or move operations offshore, to be competitive with the “big box” brands sold there.

Official TWP Dealers


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Flo Long
1 month ago

Does anyone in So.Jordan Utah sell TwP stain

2 months ago

Hi! I have a small redwood porch that is little over a year old. Gets lots of sun/rain. I’ve noticed some sap that has leaked out of spots. Anyway, its time to stain/seal. Definitely has some discoloration so needs a cleaning first, not sure how to determine if it needs sanding first. Any tips/product recommendations? Thanks in advance!

James Butz
2 months ago
Reply to  Joe

If you have a twp on your deck and want to do it again in two or three years will you have to strip and sand the old stuff before adding another coat or can you just pressure wash it and add a coat.

Kevin Gehrig
3 months ago

Hi – I hope you are doing well. I have two quick questions. Which product would be best to stain an old (2003) trex deck? I would like to stain it a dark brown color to match some other wood on the house. Also, where is the best place to purchase this product? I live in Bend, Oregon.

Thanks a ton!

Kevin Gehrig

5 months ago

Getting this 900 sq ft deck sanded to fresh wood surface, then will brighten, deck is >15 yrs, pine, in reasonable condition, we are in Anchorage Alaska – lots of sun exposure. Do you recommend semi solid over semi transparent? Would prefer to use semi transparent, 103 dark oak (have a sample of it and of some semi solids on its way)

5 months ago

Do any stores on long island carry TWP

5 months ago

Can you please tell me which TWP will be closest to BEHR Cordovan Brown – either in semi transparent or semi solid? I will order samples with some guidance – redoing a large old pine deck that is being sanded down to bare wood.

5 months ago

How do I get this product to Alaska? I used to be able to freight forward through Carlile transport in Tacoma – is this still possible?

Patrick Leone
6 months ago

Where can I purchase TWP 1500 wood stain in Lexington, SC?

7 months ago

Why do you sell only online? Colors can vary dramatically from one computer screen to another. Ten dollars per sample is a lot of money. Why not sell your product in paint stores like Ben Moore or Sherwin Williams, or even smaller hardware stores like ACE and Guilroys? Sample boards at these stores would be a great help to us all.
I have wood furniture, a pergola and a wood retaining wall I’d like to stain as well as porch columns. I want to see what I’m buying before I decide.

10 months ago

Do I have to seal after staining or Is it a stain and sealer all in one application?

Steven H
11 months ago

What color most resemble Early American? I want to stain yellow pine beams to look more rustic by adding darker color / patina. What do you receive?

1 year ago

What tip size is recommended for Graco airless sprayers using TWP 101

Pat Anderson Ownby
1 year ago

What is the difference between 1501 and 101?

1 year ago

Did I read that the new TWP 100 formula for 2021 has a mildew inhibitor? I live in South Central Texas with consistent high humidity.

Lee Howard
1 year ago

Is there a dealer in North West AR. Do not want to buy on line because must match a stain on the railings of deck.

1 year ago

I am located in the Medford nj area , close sea dealership

1 year ago

Homedepo stock TWP stains

Bob DuPree
1 year ago

Want to buy TWP in Nort Atlanta Ga

1 year ago

How do I get the top off of my 5 gallon can of stain? Got all the tabs up but the top won’t budge.

1 year ago

How do I get the top of my 5 gallon can of stain to seal? I have lots leftover.

1 year ago

I want to know where i can buy locally

Leilani Vevang
1 year ago

Where can I buy 1504 and 1503 near Santa cruz ca 95060

1 year ago

Who distributes your product in Austin, TX?

Philip Edwards
1 year ago

Will the semi-solid stain protect from existing splinters (ones that were missed in prep) better than the 1500 series?
I’m wondering if it has more of a coating that sticks to the splinters.

1 year ago

Where can I buy two 1500 near San Bruno CA 94066?
How much is 5 gallon of California Redwood TWP 1500 from your site?
How much is shipping for 5 gallon TWP 1500 to 94066 zip code?

Jeff Luther
1 year ago

Is TWP available at Walmart in Wisconsin?

Philip Edwards
1 year ago

Can you see the grain through a semi-solid?

Philip Edwards
1 year ago

Do you have a color the same as Golden Oak color in the 1500 series?

Sant Perez
1 year ago

Where can I buy your products? I’m in Atlanta, GA.
Thank you

1 year ago

What is the difference between series 100 and 200? I live in Virginia, United States.

Ronnie Burns
2 years ago

Where is there a TWP dealer or a place I can buy it in the Rockwall Texas area

2 years ago

Where Is twp stain 200 available in Niagara Ontario canafa

Bob Stoddart
2 years ago


Dale Hill
2 years ago

I have two new cypress Adirondack chairs I want to protect. I’m not an experienced stainer – I’ve only stained one indoor table, and I was stripping and changing the stain color. This wood is fresh and new. It’s not the sinker cypress, but the cheaper stuff from the Deep South. Can you advise me what product to use?

Robert Saunders
2 years ago

Where can I buy TWP stain in central North Carolina?

Amar Jadhav
2 years ago

I have Redwood Pergola installed 3 months ago.
Can i apply 1500 series stain now or wait for redwood to weather?
Please advice.

Pam Jansen
2 years ago

What is the difference between the 1500 and the 1501 stain.

2 years ago

Do you sell in California? Which kind of TWP we will need to protect our baboo fence?

2 years ago

Where can I buy in the Chicagoland area

Erech Morrison
2 years ago

How do I order on line for shipment to Canada? Would like 5 gal TWP 1500 and 1 gal TWP 1500 Natural Wood color.

2 years ago

Is there a store near Ottawa Ontario Canada that sells TWP 200 stain? Or is it available online only?

Alan Crenshaw
2 years ago

Is there a dealer to buy TWP 100 in the Florence KY area, zip 41042

tom felice
2 years ago

looking for twp 1500 on Long Island NY.
Zipcode 11554.
50 mile radius OK

Debbie Davies
2 years ago

I live in Commerce MI. Where can I find TWP?

Andre Philion
2 years ago

We’re can I buy two series 100.in Ottawa Ontario Canda

2 years ago

In Fresno ca where can I buy t w p deck finish

2 years ago

Is the TWP 200 recommended for dock in northern Ontario Canada?

Don Fleming Fleming
2 years ago

Where in Ottawa ontario can we buy this
Our shed was built by Amish. All sun bleached now. What to use?

2 years ago

Restoring an old deck. Will clean the deck with RAD Stripper, Brightener, & additives.
Going to fill some cracks with “DAP Platinum patch”.
Will the semi transparent stains work with the DAP, or do I need to go with the Semi Solid?

harry gefen
2 years ago

Do you sell the TWP 1500 line of semi-transparent wood stain into Canada? If so, how do I get it? I need about 2 gallons.

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