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How to Achieve Great Results with TWP Stains – Tips

When completing any exterior staining project you can achieve the best results by using a quality product and having the right knowledge. TWP wood stain will give you the best results possible but there are some general tips that can make the final results that much better.

One vital step that a lot of homeowners skip over is wood prep. Preparing the wood for the new stain is extremely important. Skipping this step will not allow the TWP wood stain to perform as it should thus shortening its performance and longevity.

For cleaning a wood surface prior to staining, we recommend Gemini Restore Kit with Wood Cleaner and Wood Brightener. This easy to use 2 step system is designed to free wood of dirt and grime and open the pores of the wood so the TWP stain will penetrate properly. Once the wood is cleaned, allow it to dry a minimum of 24-48 hours before staining with TWP stain.

During the actual staining process keep in mind that you only need to apply as much stain as the wood will accept. Stain one board or section at a time before moving onto the next. This helps eliminate lap marks. Allow the stain to soak into the wood for 10-15 minutes then go back and back brush or wipe off any excess.

If the stain has soaked in and the wood seems thirsty, you can apply a second “wet on wet” coat. But again go back and wipe off any excess drips, puddles, or runs that do not absorb after several minutes.

Before taking on a TWP staining project be sure to check your local forecast. TWP wood and deck stain work best when applied in temperatures between 60-80 degrees. Rain should not be expected within 12 hours after it has been applied. It should not drop below freezing within 8 hours.

Try not to apply TWP Wood Preservative in direct sunlight. It is not the best time to apply TWP during the mid-day heat and direct sun. This can cause the stain to flash dry giving a splotchy and uneven appearance. Try to plan your staining time during the morning, evening or whenever your deck seems shaded.

Achieving great results is easy with any of the TWP Series Wood Stain products. Follow these basic guidelines for staining with TWP and your wood surfaces will be greatly enhanced and protected for years of enjoyment.


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5 months ago

Is it ok if it rains after using the cleaner and brightener? I would assume you would need to wait 48 hours to stain after the rain.

2 years ago

Any concern with spraying a light mist of Wet & Forget on the deck boards after cleaning the deck boards with oxygen bleach and TSP but a day or two before applying the TWP 100 stain? Some parts of my deck were really green with algae and hard to get clean and I would like to keep the deck looking nice for as long as possible with preventative maintenance.

2 years ago

Thanks for this site! Would you have any concerns about mixing colors of the TWP 100 series? We like a brown absent of the strong red, orange, yellow tones in the series, yet want the color to be lighter than the dark oak. Looking at lightening the 103 color with 116. The 200 series has more colors, but we prefer seeing the wood grain. What do you recommend?

2 years ago

Can I sand a 5 month old cedar deck before installing Twp 100 or do I also need to clean it thanks

Michael Deppe
2 years ago

Will be building new deck this year out of cedar. Presently stored under cover and stickered between layers. Want to presstain all deck boards all 4 sides prior to installation. Can a second coat be applied after deck boards placed or do we wait a period of time?

betsy perlman
3 years ago

I am going to re stain my deck with the 1500 – I have bought the restore a deck products – so I am ready to go – but the question I have is how long can I wait in between clean and brightening and then staining? I know I have to wait until it is dry – since I have done it before – but I just wanted to know what the window is – ex. can I restore it and then a few weeks later put the stain on – or does it have to be right after the deck dries? I live in the Northeast where the weather can be really unpredictable – so just trying to plan this out.

By the way – your product is great…..


John M.
3 years ago

Hi, I put up a 6″ wide cedar picket fence last fall. 220′ x 6′ so total of 1320 sq ft a side. Not much greying yet (see pic) do I need to prep other than pressure wash- which I did do last fall? How many gallons , thinking TWP 100,should I order, spray with a hand pump sprayer. Best one coat of 2?

Robert Mason
4 years ago

What do you recommend for rough cut western red cedar, channel lock sideing that has some black mildew spots. I really like the natural red color of wood.

Jake Wardle
4 years ago

I previously sealed the deck on my car trailer with TWP clear sealer it’s been so long I don’t remember exactly what it was I pressure washed my deck recently and would like to recoat it what would be the best product to use?

Jeff Senkier
4 years ago

I applied the gemini cleaner to the siding of my house and it’s leaving runs marks on some of the boards. Especially under the lip of the siding. I pre-wet the siding before applying the cleaner and used pump sprayer to apply the cleaner. I applied the cleaner very evenly but it’s leaving marks down the wall. Also the home was stained with TWP stain about five years ago so this would be considered a re-coat. How do I get rid of those marks?

4 years ago

We are about 6 months out from applying stain to deck. Application process went well. There are some stains we have from the elements a for what it seems rust stain from old chair my husband left on deck. I tried mild soap and water but stains still exist. Do you have suggestions on what I can do? Thank you!

4 years ago
Reply to  TWP Help

Once I get it removed, should I lightly restain or wait until I restain in about 6 months

Lou Cragin
4 years ago

I applied TWP with a roller and back brushed it yesterday. I also I thought took off the excess by going over it with clean rollers. Today it is fairly shinny and tacky. Do I need to do anything else to the deck or just wait it out. BTW the deck was cleaned and brightened with Deck Restore.

Betty Tompkins
4 years ago

I stained my deck for the first time 16 months ago with TWP 100. I am ready to stain again using the same color.Do I need to use the Restore Kit and Brightner again or just clean it good.

Karen Pesta
6 years ago

I completed staining my deck yesterday. Here in Michigan it was 68 degrees with a low temp of 48. Total is a high of 60. I have noticed today that on boards that abutted I have some lap marks and in those places there appears to be a bit of stickiness. My question is will this sticky area dry. The deck was properly cleaned last week. Thank you.

7 years ago

I plan to strip and brighten a previously finished doug fir deck with your RAD kit, wait 48 hrs, then apply TWP1530 wet-on-wet. How soon can this deck handle a bunch of people tromping all over it and probably spilling food & drink?

Eric Read
7 years ago

Brush in or use one of those deck pads? I’ve always brushed, but man, pushing it on with a pad looks easier 🙂

9 years ago

I am planning on staining the inside walls of a riding arena to protect the wood from dirt and the water that will spray on the walls from the sprinkling system. I have about 1650 Sq. Ft to cover. The walls are new, fir car decking. How many square feet can I realistically cover per 5 gallon bucket? Which of your products, the 100 or the 1500 will give me the best service in the long run?

7 years ago

Depends on your weather, etc. Typically it dries within 24 hours and can take people after 48 hours. Just make sure the stain is fully dried and cured.

7 years ago

Deck stain pads are easier, apply more evenly, and will push the stain into the wood grain.

7 years ago

This article recommends cleaning with RAD wood cleaner and brightener, most of the other articles on this site recommend Gemini wood cleaner and brightener.
Can you please explain the difference and which is recommended for which applications?

7 years ago
Reply to  Erin

The Gemini Restore A Deck Kit is what you want and is the same thing.

9 years ago

Does all the old stain need to be removed? When it rains there doesn’t seem to be any beading anywhere.

9 years ago
Reply to  Carol

You need to remove as much as possible so the TWP will penetrate.

9 years ago

I just stained my deck with TWP 100. 2 coats, wet on wet. How long should it dry before I replace all the deck furniture, plants and grill?

9 years ago
Reply to  Charles

Charles, give it a day or two for furniture.

9 years ago

The response to Kristin applies to new cedar fence? Twp 1500?

9 years ago
Reply to  fanny


9 years ago

Kristin, TWP 1500 and about 200 sq. feet per gallon for one coat on newer wood.

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