Applying TWP Wood Stain with a Sprayer?

by TWP Help

Last Updated on January 30, 2023 by TWP Help

Update on Spraying TWP Wood Stains

TWP Stain Sprayer Application

TWP Stain Sprayer Application

Are you looking for a quicker, easier way to stain your exterior wood TWP Wood and Deck Stain? A low-pressure pump sprayer, HVLP Sprayer, or an Airless Sprayer can be a good choice but you will need to be careful with overspray and an even application.

Using these tips below will help to ensure your TWP Stain is applied evenly, with a faster application time, using a pump sprayer

See our official article and tips on this link: Applying TWP Wood Stain with a Sprayer


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Richard Saunders
4 years ago

Can I apply twp 200 with a pump sprayer? One source told me probably not because it’s too thick.

6 years ago

Where in Rhode Island can I buy TWP products

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