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TWP® 100 Pro-Series will keep your wood beautiful, fresh, and looking new longer! The ease of application and maintenance will allow you to enjoy your investment for years to come. Containing unique ingredients that protect the wood from damage, TWP 100 Series has been a leader and respected product for over 25 years.

TWP® 100 Pro-Series provides a broad spectrum of weather protection, is water repellent, and aids in color retention. TWP® 100 Pro-Series resists water absorption that causes warping, cracking, splitting, and prevents freeze damage in colder climates. Use TWP® 100 Pro-Series to Restore and Protect YOUR GREAT OUTDOORS!

TWP 1500 Total Wood Preservative is an EPA-registered wood preservative for decks, fences, gazebos, cedar siding, wood shakes, log homes, outdoor furniture, and other exterior wood surfaces. TWP wood preservative offers outstanding protection from UV fading, wood rot, water damage, and mildew for all types of wood species.

The site is designed for exterior wood and deck owners looking for solutions to their wood maintenance questions. We have gathered information based on years of experience. From TWP stain tips and wood maintenance advice to prepping new wood and how-to articles, we will guide you step by step to achieve professional-like results using any of the TWP wood preservative products.

Please read our articles and feel free to ask any questions that you may have about restoring your exterior wood or decking surfaces. The information you need regarding wood and deck restoration and TWP deck stains are all here. Please enjoy and remember that we are here to help.


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Scott Kingsland
1 day ago

I have about 2 gallons in a 5 gallon pail in the basement. I used it about 5 years ago and was wondering if its still good. Is there a way to test it before I use it.

Brad Ridgway
2 days ago

I know that the best outcome on my Deck refinish project is a function of Prep and Product. I’m willing to do the work on the prep, and it seems you have an excellent product and know what it needs better than me, therefore can you advise the best preparation process for the following situation: The deck was new in 2006 and the contractor stained both sides with Sikken oil based product. It seemed to lay on top of the wood and didn’t last long in the sun before checking and popping off. After that fiasco I had to sand down the entire deck to bare wood. At that point I applied a transparent oil based product purchased locally – Messmers UV Plus. It soaked in well, but a little thin for sun areas. My wife got sick a couple years ago and I missed the crucial season it needed to be reapplied. That brings me to now. I’m ready immediately to begin the prep. The deck is dull, and has many areas that have completely lost protection and turned grey. Can you help? Do I need to sand it down again? Do you have a prep system/ products I can use? Will your semi-transparent product be the right choice to keep my decks looking good for many years – with regular cleaning and reapplication on my part, I presume? Really ready to get on this with the right prep and products. Willing to pay extra for a quality proven product – the cost is in the labor.
Thank you,
Emigrant, Montana 59027

4 days ago

I followed instructions on stripping and brightening using Restore-A-Deck but it left some old PPG semi transparent stain behind and some of the wood raised (I had to get aggressive with power washer to get stain off). I am sanding over everything now to remove remaining stain and smoothing raised wood. What steps do I need to do before putting down the first coat of TWP 100? Do I need to mist the wood? Is there a preferred grit I need to use? Any other things that might work differently?

3 days ago
Reply to  TWP Help

Thank you for your quick reply. I did apply the Brightener after using the stripper, which I thought was to neutralize the stripper. What is the reason for applying another coat of brightener?

Sheri Bailey
4 days ago

Customer in San Antonio, Tx. Stained prepared deck with you products and stain 11/2020.. Deck has degraded with our freezes and sun and heat . What are the best products and prep we need to
do to the deck to re stain with same stain?
Series 5

Tom Goerold
5 days ago

I am requesting a sample of your RAD paint and solid stain remover. The lengthy description below lays out my circumstances behind my request for a sample of your most aggresive solid-stain remover. I am a woodworker with a great appreciation for the beauty of wood and wood grain. After unsuccessfully trying to maintain my pressure-treated deck with semi-transparent and semi-solid stains in earlier years, I reluctantly used a Behr solid stain (paint) on my deck attached to my high-altitude home (7000 feet) in Colorado about 2-3 years ago. I slavishly followed the appication directions for the product. As you might expect the UV from sun is by far and away the most brutal weathering agent on our deck. And our main deck has a west exposure that soaks up afternoon sunlight. After vigorous preparation, including renting and using a heavy-duty floor sander, as well as replacing some of the more weathered boards, I applied Behr’s solid stain and have had catatstrophic results. Despite following all instructions on the solid stain, within 6 months I was getting widespread peeling on at least 40 percent of the deck. It is much worse today. Even on the completely shaded eastern exposure of a smaller deck, under a roof that blocks all direct sunlight, I am getting significant peeling of the stain on at least 20 percent of the deck after 2-3 years. Obviously I need to start over and attempt to remove the entirety of the existing solid stain before I attempt anything else. Please send me a sample so that I might see if it is worthwhile for me to pay at least $270 for a five-gallon container (or more–I haven’t estimated the surface area of the decks and railings yet) of your product. Thank you.

5 days ago

Do you have a clear sealer that would work with teak furniture?

Ann Berka
6 days ago

Looking to stain fence, treated pine, it is about 1 year old and has no stain on it.

Last edited 6 days ago by Ann Berka
Cindy Waddell
11 days ago

Where can I purchase TWP STAIN in my area? Zip code 76124

Jeff Warfield
14 days ago

I live in Minnesota and have a 20 year old douglas fir porch in good condition. I sanded and applied a TWP product 3 +/- years ago but I do not remember which series (100 or 1500) I used. I need to reapply….what series is best for the floor boards?


christine vooght
17 days ago

Are these products the same…just different packaging…Step 1 and Step 2

Katrina B
18 days ago

I’ve been using twp on a deck for 9 years.
2.5 years ago I sanded to bare boards, and applied twp100. Can I apply twp semi solid as a maintenance coat, or do I have to stick with twp 100?

Katrina B
18 days ago

Is the TWP semi solid essentially twp 100, but with semi solids added? I would like to mix the semi solid with the twp 100 I already have, 1:1 mix.

27 days ago

We bought an applied TWP 203-5 sealant 5 years ago and it has been amazing but time to recoat. The color was 203 Gold but we don’t seem to be able to find that color now for reorder- has the color name changed?

1 month ago

My deck has a lot of mold and mildew. The RAD directions say a mixture of bleach is need to kill mildew. OK, where does this fit into the process?
Is this correct?
1. Wet deck with water
2. Apply Cleaner with pump sprayer, wait 15 min
3. Remove Cleaner with pressure washer
4. Apply bleach solution 1 to 4, wait 15 min
5. Remove bleach with water hose
6. Apply Brightener wait 20 min
7. Remove Brightener with water hose
8. 48 hours for drying
9. TWPStain

1 month ago

Cleaned and brightened my deck a week ago and was not able to stain due to rain. Now the deck is starting to yellow. Should I do another round of brightener or go ahead and stain. Still have to sand some of the spots where the pressure washer slightly damaged the wood.

Brian Lambert
1 month ago

What is the shelf life of your product? Mainly concerned with TWP 120 pecan.

Kyle Lairmore
1 month ago

I’ve completed staining my wood log siding on my house and now ready to caulk everything. Any tips or guidance on selecting the right color matching caulk. Is there a way to select the caulk color to go with the stain used?

1 month ago

Can I use the semi solid stain over a sanded Behr semi solid water based stain? I couldn’t get all the previous stain off so I’m just covering what is left over after stripping and sanding.

1 month ago

Last Wed. I stained our deck with twp 1500. We applied our first coat to new pressure treated wood that seasoned for over a year on this new deck 14 months ago, same stain. Followed all the directions, cleaned & brightend with RAD products, rinsed for an hour after brightening, waited for a week, applied stain under perfect conditions and wiped off any excess promptly. Cured in dry warm weather for 4 days, then we got our first rain, and now I am noticing an oily slick on certain areas, see the photos. The deck is not tacky and it appears to dry without leaving a residue, but don’t want to track it in the house or have the dog walk through it. What is going on, and will it resolve on its own or should I do something? Thanks

1 month ago


Can you please confirm how many gallons of TWP 200 I would need to apply 2 coats to apx 590sq/ft of rough cut hemlock?

Thank you.

Mark Chapoton
1 month ago

I will wait until the fall to stain a newly-purchased-pressure-treated-Lowes-pine pergola with TWP SemiSolid stain as per your recommendation in the how-to. I have three samples coming to test on cut-offs now. What difference in color can I expect between the sample stained new wood, and the same wood stained after drying for 3 to 4 months in the full Texas sun?

Ania Morris
1 month ago

Hello My deck is pressure pine maybe 15 years old.I stripped and used stain1500 natural 1530 3 years ago . Do l need strip it again or just clean an brighten? Please advise. Thanks Ania

Aimee Renaud
1 month ago

Have cedar deck and hasn’t been stained in 5 yrs and live in Missouri.

1. Do I purchase Gemini cleaner/brightner?
2. Do I powerwash first, then come back and powerwash with cleaner?
3. How long do I wait for it to Dry before staining?
4. What series do I use?
5. 2 Coats?
6. What is best application to use for stain? Sprayer, roller, paint brush?
7. Some areas need sanding. Do I sand after cleaner?
8. What grit do I use?

1 month ago

2 years ago we sanded cypress posts to bare wood and stained with TWP. Posts need touch up now due to sun fading; do we need to clean and brighten first or can we just go over with coat of same stain?

Tom Eizember
2 months ago

I have three cedar garage doors, 9 years old. They face south, so they get some sun, particularly in the winter. They were originally treated with Australian Timber Oil, but that finish turned dark after a few years. They were stripped and brightened with your products. All the original oil came off, but they were a little rough so they were thoroughly sanded. Then they were treated with your 100 Honeytone product. The finish darked after two years, so they were stripped, brightened, and treated again with your 1500 product. It’s now two years later, and they are darkening again.

See the attached photo. The doors in the center and on the right were treated 2 years ago. The door on the right is usually up, so it doesn’t see much sun, and it still looks good. But the center one has darkened considerably. The one on the left was just stripped, brightened, and treated again.

What’s causing the darkening, and how can I slow/stop it? Striping/brightening/treating every two years seems too frequent.

Garage Doors.jpg
2 months ago

Application question: Applying TWP1500 at 58degs but night temp drops to 38deg is the night temp a problem

Cherine Hazzi
2 months ago

Preped and stained a cedar deck with series200 California cedar last fall but could not apply a second coat because of bad weather. Can I power wash and stain this year with 1or 2 coats of your series 100 (more resistant?). And what Color comes closest to the California cedar?

Karen Higby
2 months ago

Can TWP 1500 be used over an older (more than 5 years) coating of the TWP 100 series?

Chris Anderson
2 months ago

I’m looking to strip the stain off of my log house. What would you guys recommend?

Jim Makries
3 months ago

I applied TWP 1500 3 years ago. After snow and ice storms in Michigan, could use touch. up . Your recommendations please.

Lowell Nelson
5 months ago

I have new cedar clapboard siding on a residential Mansard roof (6 months old), in southern California (Los Angeles area) and am planning to use TWP 1500 semi-transparent stain. However the siding was placed with regular iron nails. Will there be a problem with tannin or rust bleed with the TWP 1500 product?

5 months ago

I have used TWP on my outdoor cedar. I would like to use it on pine stair steps for indoors as well. Any reason I can’t do that?

Bob Papak
6 months ago

What happens if it rains with 24-48 of appication of TWP. Will I have to reapply?

7 months ago

Which seeies should I use? I live in Northern Alabama, my deck gets full sun in this summer, from 9 am til the sun goes down. Also, my deck is 3 years old, what do I need to do to prep it? thanks

7 months ago
Reply to  TWP Help

Are you sure its the 100 series? The zip is 35645.
I asked a similar question a few months ago (couldn’t remember the answer), but it seemed I had more colors to choose from.
Can you double check? I want to make sure I get the correct series for the climate. thx

7 months ago

My painter put too much 1500 series and now its 4 days old and still pooling. We tried to wipe up what we could but its a sticky mess. What do we need to do? thx

7 months ago

I believe when I ordered some samples, I was told that the price of the samples get applied to purchase of full product. I am in the checkout process, but I do not see any credit applied for my sample orders I had previously placed. Do I need to do something else to receive this credit, or am I mistaken about the credit? Thanks.

Todd Wilmington
7 months ago

What is the best way to clean drip spots off of concrete and pavers?

7 months ago

application temperatures?

T Yarb
7 months ago

I have replaced my PT SYP decking 6 months ago, It has dried and weathered adequately at this point. I want to use your semi-solid stain. Prior articles addressed using TWP 100 or 1500 inre prep. Should I do any special prep other than a light pressure washing to remove any grime? Also, the railing will be replaced with KDAT lumber to guarantee minimum warpage. It is kiln-dried already. Any prep? Lastly, the exposed understructure framing was stained with TWP 100 several years back. I want to cover it the semi-solid as well. Any restrictions there?

8 months ago

I have 575 square foot redwood deck. All the joists were replace and variety of redwood was used (some from the original deck 1984, some from 2000 and some that is at least two years old). I power sanded using 36 and 60 grit. It has been 14 days since the deck was sanded and dust was cleaned it with 60 V blower. I applied a sample of redwood 1502 to a part of the deck and put a second coat on it 15 minutes later. The stain is almost dry after 4 hours. Do I need to further prep the deck?

8 months ago

Hi, I have a deck that has been previously stained with a latex semi-transparent stain. (long story, bad contractor) I’d like to put either TWP 1501 or a similar color 100 semi-solid series over it. I am using 1501 on my cedar siding. A couple of questions:
What prep is needed for the deck?
What is the closest 100 series color to 1501? I looked at Cedar Mulch and Super Cedar but they do not seem very close to 1501.

Thank you!

Last edited 8 months ago by gene
8 months ago
Reply to  TWP Help

Sorry. I meant the semi-solid. Thanks. I will get some pics and post.

8 months ago
Reply to  TWP Help

Here are pics of the deck.

8 months ago
Reply to  TWP Help

Thanks for your help. Sounds like I am USC.

Don F
8 months ago

After installing a 900 sq. ft. redwood deck two years ago, I prepped and stained it with one coat of Superdeck Transparent Stain (redwood color). There are some high traffic areas where the stain seems to have rubbed off with bare wood showing.

it seems as though that company is no longer in business, so I want to switch to a TWP product—-not the solid. In that case, do you have a recommendation of which of your products would work well for me? I live in a suburb of SF Bay Area, so the summers are hot and winters do not get below 30.
Lastly, would using a cleaner and, then, a brightener before staining be OK?

Thank you.

Don F
7 months ago
Reply to  Don F

Do you still make the semi-transparent stain?
Is that product #1502?
I don’t want the semi solid. ThT sounds more like a redwood colored paint.
I want the grain to show through.
Also, how do I order a couple of samples of redwood and rustic?
Thank you.

8 months ago

I stained a 14 year old deck with the semi-solid series. The old wood was sanded and power washed prior to staining. There were a few new pieces of wood as well. I noticed after stain dried that the deck railing was darker than the deck floor. It’s too late to apply a second coat wet-on-wet. Can I now apply a second coat on the deck flooring?

8 months ago

Are you able to advise on what color in the TWP 200 series gives just a natural “wet” look similar to the TWP 115 ? It’s $100 USD to get a few samples shipped to Canada and photo galleries of the 200 series seem to be lacking across the internet. Thanks!

8 months ago

I originally applied TWP 100 stain first time to a new wood deck 4 years ago and have applied 3 maintenance coats over the same period. At what point is it recommended to stop with the maintenance coats and strip the old stain and start over? Also, should I strip the old stain first and the clean and brighten before apply the new stain. I will be sticking with the same 100 stain color as the original coat if that makes a difference.

Thanks for answering.

Nikki Loveless
8 months ago

Our contractor applied one coat of TWP 100 Cedartone to our deck about an hour before a heavy rainfall. We asked them to fix it, so they returned several weeks later and added another coat, which is now pooled on the surface of the wood and is not drying. This was done despite our effort to direct them to your website for proper instructions first. Can you please let us know how this should have been handled and what steps can be taken to correct the issue? Thank you for your help!

Nikki Loveless
8 months ago
Reply to  TWP Help

Thank you for the prompt response! If the second coat does cure, will there be any risk of the wood rotting prematurely due to the water exposure following the initial coat?

8 months ago

We bought the 5 gal semi transparent stain. We want to apply with a sprayer, but there is no pour spout on the lid. Do you have recommendations on getting it from the 5 gal pail to the sprayer?

8 months ago
Reply to  TWP Help

Thanks. We were not confident with using a funnel, as our sprayer container is very small and the volume of stain pouring out is high from a 5 gal. We got a battery operated transfer pump. Worked great. The stain goes on super easy with the sprayer and back brushing.

8 months ago

Looking to restain deck and fence in background. Which stain would you recommend? Want to keep the dark color. Afraid it won’t take on the spindles if I don’t sand , Previous stain was made by United Paints in Spokane,Wa. Applied 10 years ago.

8 months ago

After completing my new deck staining project using the 1500 series I see many areas of white spots. I am assuming this is the residue of the whitener? How do I remove this.

8 months ago

Guys stained cedartone 1500 on railings yesterday. I noticed a glistening after 40 mins – so and went to wipe off what looked like overapplication and was told it wasn’t necessary so I stopped. 8 hours later I thought I’d check to see if spots had dried it was still wet and some had a gooey look. Any suggestions? There were about 30 spots that I found after more carefull reviewing. If it is over application – how is this repaired? Also, this cedartone looks more like redwood. Thoughts?

Any questions on TWP Products? Comment Below!x