Best TWP Stain for Cedar Wood

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Best TWP Stain for Cedar Decking and Fences –

Cedar is known for its natural beauty and distinct aroma. It is naturally resistant to rot but will last longer if stained. Staining cedar enhances the wood grain’s beauty and replenishes the wood’s natural oils. TWP Stain Preservative has exceptional water-shedding properties making it a good choice for protecting cedar.

The best TWP Stain for cedar wood is the 100 series. This is the original TWP formula. This exclusive blend has been respected for over 25 years. The TWP 100 Series formula is 40% solids and will prevent cedar from turning gray due to sun fading. This particular blend of stain is ideal for all types of cedar projects like decks, siding, and cedar fences.

TWP Stain Cedar Wood

TWP 100 Pro can be applied in 1-2 coats depending on the cedar’s porosity. If two coats are necessary, they should be applied “wet on wet” for the best results. The TWP 100 Series is also not prone to mold or mildew, which can infiltrate cedar and begin to cause wood decay. The higher VOC levels of the 100 Series blend are restricted in some states. Be sure to check your location before purchasing it.

If the 100 Series is not available or cannot be shipped to your state, then the TWP 1500 Series is the next best choice to protect cedar. TWP 1500 is a lower VOC formula wood stain that is compliant in all 50 states. It has excellent wood penetrating properties to protect and enhance the natural beauty of cedar.

The TWP 1500 Series Wood Stain is also a registered EPA wood preservative that prevents graying, wood rot, and fading. The formula’s mildewcides help eliminate the growth of mildew and fungi. The 1500 Series Stain is 70% solids and has a slightly slower absorption rate than the 100 Series formula. It dries in 4-12 hours compared to 2-6 hours for the 100 Series.

Both of these stains are ideal for cedar wood but the 100 Pro Series is the best TWP stain for cedar where available. Otherwise, the 1500 Series will certainly do the job of protecting and prolonging the life of any exterior cedar surface. Both will meet your wood staining project needs.


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Ken Aughenbaugh
7 months ago

Can I use TWP Semi-solid for a new cedar arbor? Used this on an adjacent fence and raised garden structures and looks great?

2 years ago

Cedar Knots
I used TWP 100 Dark Oak last year on my cedar deck in Michigan. The deck boards are a combination of original and new boards. All deck surfaces were stripped, cleaned and sanded back to fresh wood in the summer of 2020, allowed to sit and weather all winter 20-21 and then cleaned again in the spring of 2021. I let the boards dry after brightening for several days and checked with a moisture meter before finally applying the stain. I used Restore-a-Deck products for stripping, cleaning, and brightening. All sanding was done to not finer than 80 grit.
The finished surface looked great but I am disappointed after 1 winter that the stain has come off at all of the knots, regardless if the board was original or new.
What is the trick for cedar knots? I really went to a lot of effort and was hoping for more than 1 year of coverage.

Anthony Smith
2 years ago

I am using Poplar wood Dutchlap siding on my new cabin in middle Tennessee. I am having a hard time deciding whether to use the 100 or 1500 series stain. My number one concern is the graying. Also, I like the natural 1530 color but it looks like I can only get that with the 1500 series. I feel like I should use the 100 series however. Please advise, Thanks

Bob Avery
2 years ago

We are going to install cedar shingles over the T-111 we now have on the gable ends of our log home. Your product sounds good. We don’t want the graying effect. The shingles we are buying from Home Depot and have a somewhat rough finish and take stain evenly. I plan on dipping and soaking the shingles and hanging them to dry. Will that process work with your product?

Bj. Bjorneby
2 years ago

Is TWP 115 honeytone available in Washington? And if so where can I buyit near Seattle?

3 years ago

I have debarked cedar posts for garden. Recently debarked and installed. What is the best method to apply? Thank you!

5 years ago

We used the series 1500 pecan on our cedar deck but the color is much more orange then on the sample or on photos we looked at. Is there anything we can do to remedy this? Will the color tone down with time or are we stuck with it?

5 years ago

I’m getting ready to stain my deck. How much time drying time do I need before anticipated rain?

5 years ago

We are currently constructing a cedar gazebo. We’ve Read you have to protect cedar wood immediately or it will start to turn gray. Your website states that wood should weather a bit. Any advice as to what to use and do would be appreciated.

9 years ago

I’ve used TWP 100 cedartone 101 on my cedar deck for 17 years. This year we had to replace the deck due to a tree falling on it. We replaced it with cedar. I just wonder if the TWP 100 Honeytone 115 is a more natural color & does it prevent cedar from turning gray due to sun fading like the cedartone does. We’ve never had any graying of our deck. Also, does anyone have any experience with the TWP 100 Cape Cod Gray 105? Does it hold up as well as the cedartone & prevent graying? Thanks.

9 years ago

The cape cod will do about the same as the Cedartone. Honeytone will fade a little quicker since it has less pigment.

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