The Best TWP Stain for Cedar Homes

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The Best TWP Stain for Cedar Homes   –

Cedar is a common material used for house siding because it is naturally resistant to insects and wood decay. It can be painted or stained to look modern or to have more of a rustic appearance. Either way, cedar homes should be finished with a weather-resistant coating to get the expected lifespan.

TWP Stain for Cedar Homes

Using the best TWP Stain for cedar homes is important. Not all stains will have the same qualities or perform as well as others. The best TWP Stain for cedar homes is the new 1500 Series formula. Outperforming the previous 500 Series, the new er1500 TWP Stain penetrates more effectively, dries faster, and provides excellent weather protection for cedar homes.

With nearly 70% solid content, the 1500 Series uses absorbing pigments that stop unattractive wood graying, darkening, and fading for a long-lasting protective finish. Its specially designed mildewcides hinder the natural growth of algae, fungi, mold, and mildew that are the leading cause of wood decay and rot.

With lower VOC levels than other TWP Wood Stains, the 1500 Series is compliant in all 50 states. It’s an EPA registered wood preservative formula is available in 9 different semi-transparent colors that will enhance a cedar home’s natural beauty. Preserving the natural wood color will help maintain your home’s curb appeal and value.

The user-friendly 1500 Series Wood Preservative is truthfully the best TWP Stain for cedar homes. It prevents cedar siding from cracking, splitting, warping, and discoloring with 1-2 easy to apply coats. Two coats are best applied “wet on wet” to guarantee peak penetration and an even finish. TWP 1500 is the best way to ensure your cedar home looks good year-round and remains structurally sound for many years.


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2 years ago

I want to purchase a couple of sample colors in the 1500 series

FLoyd Rettler
3 years ago

I bought TWP 120 NUTMEG and plan on staining new cedar boards front and back before they are installed for my porch beams and facia . The wood comes from the lumber yard and is kiln dryed is this ok with this stain ?

Floyd Rettler
3 years ago
Reply to  TWP Help

It’s nutmeg the WOOD IS CEDAR not pressure treated and it’s not a Deck

Amanda P
3 years ago

We have a cypress log home, twp 100 honey is the stain on the house. It was professionally restrained after using the recommened bleach ratio and house striped like a zebra and was sanded to bare wood. I have added stain ever 1 to 2 years. We have a short window of free time and weather. Our land is a pine farm so the pollen is brutal. We can not stain in spring or it will be full of pollen. I washed the house and noticed the water running off in 2 different ways. Some spread and others stayed in rain like droplets. What does that tell me about the stain? There is a covered porch extending 10 feet from the house. The bottom logs get more sun exposure. You can see the difference in color. Since the walls are covered if I wash and leave for 2 days but it rains on day 1, do I need to wait for day 3 or because the wall stays dry I can keep on schedule and stain on day 2? I have a fresh order of stain that just arrived and 2 more days before the kids are home for 4 days.

Amanda P
3 years ago
Reply to  TWP Help

What do you think accounts for the color difference on the logs?

Karen Rose
3 years ago

I have new rough red cedar posts placed on my front porch. I see its best to use 1500 series-good. Other websites so
no waiting to stain and seal cedar. Do I need to wait 9 months for my first coat?

Amanda Prince
3 years ago
Reply to  TWP Help

we have the 100 series on the house and 10 gallons came yesterday

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