Best TWP Stain for Redwood

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Best TWP Stain for Redwood Decking, Fencing, and Siding  –

Redwood lumber is very soft and lightweight yet has a decent strength to weight ratio. It is fairly abundant and reasonably priced making it a good choice for building projects. Though Redwood is moderately resistant to rot by nature, it does still require a weatherproof sealant for outdoor uses.

Using a good wood preservative like TWP will prolong the life of a redwood surface as well as enhance its natural beauty. The best TWP Stain for a redwood is the 100 Series Stain. It comes in a variety of semi-transparent color choices to enhance the natural beauty of any redwood surface. TWP 100 Series has deep penetrating properties that seal out damaging moisture. With up to 40% solids it offers excellent protection from UV rays that cause discoloring and fading.

TWP Stain for Redwood

Unlike other wood stains, TWP 100 is not prone to mold or mildew, the leading cause of wood rot and structural damage. In a user-friendly formula, TWP 100 is easy to apply and maintain so redwood surfaces look good year-round. This original blend of TWP is higher in VOC levels than other TWP stains and may not be available in all states.

Where TWP 100 is not available, TWP 1500 Series Wood Stain will do just as well on redwood. This lower VOC formula is available in all 50 states. It’s an EPA registered wood preservative that still provides superior weather protection. It is blended with special mildewcides to help eliminate mold and mildew problems.

The 1500 Series Stain is available in 9 different colors. It is easy to apply and maintain all types of redwood decking, siding, and fencing. For more porous redwood, two coats can be applied wet on wet for maximum weather protection and a professional looking finish.

The best TWP stain for redwood is either the 100 Series where available or the 1500 Series wood stains. It is a great way to enhance a redwood surface’s appearance and protect it from the harsh elements. A well-maintained redwood surface will last for many years of enjoyment.


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2 years ago

In N California. New Redwood fence. what moisture content should the wood be before apply twp-1500?

2 years ago

I’m going to re-stain my redwood siding. I normally use Cedartone, but am considering California Redwood. The color samples look identical to me. Can you describe how the two colors compare?

George Lee
3 years ago

I have a new redwood deck and handrails. How long do i wait for the redwood to dry out before i stain?

4 years ago

I have a new redwood deck. The deck boards have been out in the Utah summer sun for 8 weeks and drying in my garage before that. Some of the wood is starting to crack. Now it is starting to get cold. Should I put a single coat of stain on it before the winter to protect it from snow? In other words, what is the practical consequence of staining earlier than the recommended 4-12 months of weathering?

Gordon Lane
4 years ago

What color stain best shows off the natural redwood?

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