Rain Before and After TWP Stain Application

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Tips on Rain when applying the TWP Wood Stains 2024

When taking on a deck staining project there are a few important factors to consider. One of which is the weather. Rain is probably the biggest factor when staining a deck with TWP or any stain for that matter. Ideally, you will want to check the weather several days in advance before starting your project. Be sure there is no rain forecasted for the next several days. Prior to applying TWP Stain, you will want to wash the wood using a quality wood cleaner followed by a wood brightener product. This will clean the surface of the wood and prepare it for the new stain.

After cleaning the wood surface it needs to dry for a couple of days. You can check the wood with a moisture meter to be sure it is ready for stain. You want it to be no more than 12 to 15% moisture before staining. If you do not have a meter typically waiting a couple of days is generally good enough. If the wood gets wet from rain at any point after washing it, it needs to dry out for an additional two days. Also, it is important that rain is not forecasted on the third day when you get ready to apply TWP deck stain. So basically you need at least three dry days before washing and staining.

Once you have ideal weather and complete the staining using TWP, it needs to dry and cure. Rain may pop up that was not forecasted and put a damper on your project. With TWP stain it is ideal to apply it in dry conditions but it can handle a little rain even after it has been applied. TWP is a deep penetrating oil based stain and because it is not film forming, a light rain can be withstood within an hour of it being applied. TWP immediately starts blocking out moisture deep within the wood fibers so you may find a light rain will simply bead up on the surface and not harm the newly applied stain. With this said obviously dry weather is best before and after TWP staining.


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6 months ago

We used Gemini 2 part kit and then TWP 100 on new deck after waiting 9 months for “ curing” stain applied June-July 2023. Now that it’s raining , the water seems to be soaking into deck, no repelling action. Is this correct?

2 years ago

Hi! How is the cleaner and brightener applied? Do both require scrubbing or are both just a spray and rinse? New deck, never stained, is 18 months old. I’m assuming from what I have read I should do both before applying 1500 stain. Thanks!

Dana L
3 years ago

I was caught by a surprise rain shower while staining. The next day, the boards that weren’t completely dry yet have shiny areas and are darker in color. (for example, 4 floor boards in pic) Will this correct itself with more dry time, or if not, what do you suggest? Thanks.

3 years ago

We are installing our new deck in June. We cannot wait for 4-12 months to stain. We live in Northern Virginia . What should we do given this situation?

James Garretson Bull
3 years ago

Does the TWP stain has a sealer in the stain or is it separate?

Joel Cohen
4 years ago

I’m waiting for appropriate weather to apply my stain. If I apply at 60 degrees Fahrenheit, is it ok if the temp gets down to 40 degrees Fahrenheit over night?

Gary Koos
4 years ago

Applied TWP 4 days ago to a older deck that was treated With TWP 4 years ago. It has had 4 very warm days to dry.
Had planned to put a second coat on the horizontal sufaces. Getting confused about putting a second light coat on that would not be wet on wet

4 years ago

I cleaned my cedar fence yesterday with the gemeni cleaner. Today I used the brightner. I was planning on using the Cedar 100 stain tomorrow but now they’re forecasting a chance of rain all next week. Will I be ok to stain the next dry couple of days we get?

4 years ago

Summer has arrived what is the temperature range I can apply my new stain?

5 years ago

How does morning dew effect stain application. We are into September with daily heavy morning dew and temps into the lower 40s at night. Is it too late in the year to stain? Should I wait till spring?

Tracy thatcher
6 years ago

I stained the deck yesterday. Fully dry boards, 90 degree day all day. Weather said that there was a 20% chance of rain which in Nebraska means that it won’t rain. After I finished at 8 pm the chance went to 40% then to 90% by 10 pm. At 1 am it stormed until 8 am this morning. So much for meteorologist. After everything dries out I plan on inspecting. What do I need to do to fix or touch up if the application isn’t very good?

Tracy Thatcher
6 years ago
Reply to  TWP Help

Looks OK; considering the amount of rain we got. There are some blotches shown on the close up pictures. My only complaint is that it looks like the color lightened up some. Is there any way to darken it? Can I apply a maintenance coat to darken?

Tracy Thatcher
6 years ago
Reply to  TWP Help

OK; thanks for the help

6 years ago

Pressure treated 48′ deck was stained and finished around 4:30 PM Saturday. It rained hard on Sunday morning around 1:00 AM. Sunday morning deck had many puddles. Today is Monday and deck still looks wet in spots. Will it be ok? Thx, Paul

6 years ago
Reply to  TWP Help

Today is Monday evening and there are still many wet areas on the deck which was sanded and stained on Saturday and finished around 4:30. Now what?

Michael Duquette
6 years ago

Used 1500 cedartone yesterday on 2 month old kiln dried pressure treated pine. Started deck around 10am and completed around 4pm. Full sun all day. Full sun again all day today. Passing thunder storm today at 7 tonight. Poured rain on deck for 1/2 hour or so. Think it will be ok?

7 years ago

Hello, it’s been dry here in NJ for the past 4 days and i just got done yesterday (Thursday) washing the deck and applied a brightener with the hopes of staining on Saturday. Now all of a sudden we have a forecast of possible rain Friday night. If it does in fact rain Friday night and i still get a reading of 12-15% with a moisture meter on Saturday can i still stain or do i have to wait?

7 years ago

I applied TWP 100 and it rained the next morning. What do I do now?

7 years ago

I am planning to stain our older deck with 100 series (after stripping, cleaning, and drying). This week was all clear weather, however, rain was moved up in the forecast giving the stain about 36 full hours of dry, sunny weather before 1/2 day of “scattered thunderstorms” and then another clear day to follow. The next few weeks won’t have another stretch of clear days, so now is my chance, but I don’t want to do it if that is not enough time to dry. Will 36 or so hours be okay?

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