Best TWP Stain for Docks

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Best TWP Stain for Wood Docks – Tips

Wood docks take a great deal of ill-use. The vast majority of them are in full sun and are in a steady high dampness environment. Shielding a wood dock with a waterproof stain is the most obvious opportunity with regards to longevity. The best TWP stain for a wood dock will help safeguard the wood guaranteeing it lasts for a long time.

TWP Stain for Docks

Regular maintenance and utilizing the best wood stain accessible is the key to wood protection. The best TWP Stain for docks is the 100 Series if VOC compliant or the new 1500 Series Stain. TWP 100 is the first waterproof formula originating back 25 years ago. It dives into the wood pores to give unmatched protection while preserving the wood grain.

With a solid pigment content of 40%, TWP 100 Series adequately sheds water and closes out the brutal UV rays that cause unattractive graying. In 6 distinctive semi-transparent colors, 100 Series is the best TWP Stain for docks. However, with a high VOC level, its compliance is not consistent in all states so check your region before purchasing.

In states where 100 Series is not compliant, the new TWP 1500 Series is. This low VOC blend is accessible in every one of the 50 states. It utilizes extraordinary UV gathering pigments that stop wood discoloring and fading. An exceptional mix of mildewcides helps discourage mildew and mold development, the main reason for wood rot and decay.

Either one of the 100 or 1500 TWP Stains are the best TWP stain for wood docks regarding preserved beauty. The TWP stain is not difficult to apply and makes maintenance a breeze, which is vital to the lifespan of a wood dock.

TWP 1500 Dock Stains are registered by the EPA as a wood preservative and have in excess of 20 years of excellent results. TWP will guarantee your wood dock looks and stays beautiful while being shielded from sun and dampness. It is an extraordinary approach to ensure the future of a wooden dock.


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Jon moore
5 months ago

I have a large pine deck on a boathouse as well as docks all in full sun and high humidity in Alabama. It is 5-6 years old, never stained or sealed, and had some black mold on many areas which I have pressure washed completely off but I’m also aware mold spores are notoriously difficult to eradicate. 1) Before or after prepping with your products should I TRY to treat with vinegar, borate, or bleach solution? 2) I’ve seen you suggested 100 series for docks but was that before the semi solid series came out and would semi solid now be better?

Jennifer Croppo
1 year ago

I used the cedar tone 200 series two years ago. This will be my first year I want to freshen up the look. Do I use the whole gemini restore a deck and then 1 coat of stain? Or is there a different process as I am not changing colour or wanting to remove the old stain but freshen up the look. There are a few spots of wear where the stain is almost gone and there is spots I need to clean due to tree sap. Thanks.

1 year ago

Is the new Semi-Solid stain better for docks? I applied Seafoam to a brand new test piece of pressure treated pine and the color was almost impossible to see. I was expecting there would be more solid pigment?

2 years ago

I’m going to be staining a previously stained dock over fresh water lake in NC. Planning on stripping, brightening, then wet on wet staining. I’m concerned about the stripping and brightening product into the water. I see noted “eco friendly”. Any advise is greatly appreciated.

3 years ago

Hi, I built my deck July 2018, its treated SYP. In July 2019 I did proper cleaning/brightening and applied one coat of 1530 natural, it looked great at first. However this spring it has a lot of grey and mildew/mold spots. See pic. The vertical surfaces still look great. Its in full sun. (as much sun as Ohio gets) Do I need to apply another coat? Does it need to be cleaned and brightened again?

8 years ago

How does one apply wet on wet without walking on it

8 years ago
Reply to  Norm
8 years ago
Reply to  TWPStainHelp

Thanks, I did not read carefully

8 years ago
Reply to  Norm

Welcome 🙂

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